I am an Auckland-based writer, editor, broadcaster and blogger.

I spent five years working for Metro magazine, finishing up as a senior writer and the magazine’s food editor. In that time, I interviewed property developers and gym visionaries, chefs and barmen, film directors, writers and drug dealers. It was the only job I’d ever wanted and I was lucky enough to get it, aged 22. I was even luckier to be named Junior Writer of the Year in 2005.

Then I left to travel overseas. Through Asia for four months, eating from Hong Kong to Malaysia via a brutal bug in Laos. On to Prague, where I sat out the winter in a loft apartment and drank a lot of beer. And then to London, where I lived a block from the Borough Market and survived as a freelancer before scamming my way into a job at Esquire magazine, which was the only other job I’d ever wanted.

Then the GFC hit and I was out on my arse and back to Auckland before I could think very much about what I was doing. In the years since, I’ve written about houses and noodles and dumplings and cities and accountants and the politics of waste. I have travelled up a mountain in Sichuan and hunted for coconut crabs in Niue and dived a World War II shipwreck in Vanuatu. I’ve written feature stories, press releases, websites, columns, reviews, social media and books.

I’ve worked for magazines, newspapers and websites in Britain, New Zealand, Australia, Asia and the United States. I’ve worked for ad agencies and artesian water companies and quangos and publishers. I wrote a book for Whittaker’s and another one for Amisfield, and I also wrote one for me – Food Heroes, which covered artisan food producers from Houhora to Dunedin. I am the Auckland correspondent for Monocle magazine and I have a regular column in Metro magazine called Provisions.

But I’ve also dreamed up new chocolate flavours and helped a food brand think about getting men to buy it and got Aucklanders to sign a petition about the Auckland Plan. I’ve run workshops on writing and I started a website called Eat Here Now which has become 10,000 people’s bible on where to eat in this town.

Download my full CV here.