EHNEAT HERE NOW is my special pet project. Back in 2010, Natalie Smith and I decided we’d like to start a website that reviewed restaurants. Our idea was that people didn’t want to be told about things that were bad, they wanted to be told about things that were good. We found a photographer, David Straight, who was just back from London and felt the same as we did and who took beautiful photographs, though not of food. Nearly four years later and now running EHN on my own, I’m proud to say that Eat Here Now is viewed by 10,000 readers a month who return often. It is their bible to Auckland.

More than that, though, Auckland was on the cusp of great change. We didn’t know it, but this city was about to change very fast in a very short space of time and nowhere was that more obvious than food. I like to think Eat Here Now had a bit to do with that.